10 times Google’s far-left, anti-Trump bias was exposed

The far-left mainstream media is dutifully defending its ideological allies in Silicon Valley, arguing that President Trump’s criticism of bias in Google’s products is a “conspiracy theory.”

(Article by Allum Bokhari republished from Breitbart.com)

The mainstream media may have formed a defensive barrier around Google in response to the President, but there are many examples of Google expressing its political bias in ways both big and small. Breitbart Tech has collected ten popular examples of Google’s left-wing bias in action.

1. When the company fired James Damore

Former Google engineer was fired for expressing mild criticism of Google’s far-left diversity policies and political monoculture. His arguments wouldn’t have been out of place in a David Brooks column or a Jonathan Haidt lecture. Despite the mildness of his arguments — which were more liberal centrist than conservative — radical leftists at the company succeeded in getting him fired, after maliciously leaking his viewpoint diversity manifesto to the press.

Damore, along with other current and former Google employees, is now fighting a class-action lawsuit against the company alleging that it discriminates against people of a non-progressive political viewpoint, and against white and Asian males.

2. When the company failed to condemn Antifa

Google’s workforce is riddled with supporters of Antifa, a far-left group categorized as a terrorist network by U.S. security agencies. Members of this bloodthirsty movement have pleaded guilty to plotting acid attacks at pro-Trump events. On the west coast, an Antifa member was arrested for smashing a Trump supporter in the head with a bike lock. Yet when Breitbart News reached out to Google asking them to provide a general disavowal of political violence, the company declined to do so.

3. When then-CEO Eric Schmidt wanted to be “head outside adviser” to the Clinton campaign

When WikiLeaks published a trove of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails during the 2016 election campaign, one of the revelations was that Eric Schmidt wanted, in Podesta’s words, to be “head outside adviser” to the Clinton campaign. According to Podesta’s email, he expressed this wish as early as 2014.

4. When Schmidt set up a grassroots organization to put a second Clinton in the White House 

Schmidt wasn’t joking. Ahead of the 2016 campaign, he set up a shadowy grassroots organization called “The Groundwork.” Little is known about its operations and composition, but its stated aim was to harness the expertise of Silicon Valley to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

5. When Google rigged its search suggestions in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016

A video from tech news site SourceFed in 2016 reported that negative search terms for Hillary Clinton did not autocomplete, despite the fact that those terms (like “Hillary Clinton criminal”) were popular, and autocompleted just fine on Bing and Yahoo. Moreover, negative search terms for Clinton opponents Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump did autocomplete. Google’s explained that they don’t allow negative autocompletes about individuals, period. But they failed to explain why Sanders and Trump were apparently exempt from this rule.

Later in the year, research conducted by psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein found that Google’s search results as well as its autocomplete suggestions were biased, and could have shifted up to 3 million votes towards Clinton. Not enough for her to win, clearly. But will that be the case with the Democratic candidate in 2020?

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