Anti-America: VA hospital bureaucrats remove photo of President Trump

Some veterans decided to hang a photo of President Donald Trump at a Veterans Administration (VA) hospital, only to have it taken down by the hospital.

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Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) – a veteran who lost his legs in combat – was alerted by the nonprofit organization Veterans of South Florida that the local VA hospital didn’t have a picture of Trump or VA Secretary David Shulkin; usually VA hospitals have photos of the president and VA secretary hanging on their walls. Mast then brought photos of Trump and Shulkin into the hospital on Tuesday and hung them up while surrounded by other veterans.

Hours later, the photos were removed.

The VA issued the following statement as to why the photos were taken down:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), like all other federal agencies, relies on the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) to provide us official photos of the President to display in our facilities. The GPO will print the portraits upon receipt of the file from the White House and then distribute accordingly. Once VA receives the official photo of the President, we will ensure both the photo of the President and the photo of Secretary Shulkin are displayed appropriately. There are several other VA centers across the country that also haven’t received their photos as well.

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