Facebook caught conspiring with ultra-liberal Media Matters to censor conservative news

Facebook is playing politics by working with Left-wing Media Matters in attempts to censor what they deem to be fake news and propaganda. Media Matters has now partnered up with Facebook and other social media outlets. Facebook has previously drawn criticism for intentionally burying the right-leaning news. Now it seems Social media is being heavily controlled by the left-wing. (RELATED: Find more Facebook news at Facebook.fetch.news)

Founder of Media Matters, David Brock, still blames the fake news for defeating Hillary Clinton in the election. The Left-Wing views anything that doesn’t fit their narrative as fake news. They wish to eradicate stories that expose their fraudulent behavior and make you conform to their beliefs. Facebook has essentially outstretched its means and gone rogue. Social media loses it’s definition when it’s not unbiased and uncensored. (RELATED: Find more Hillary Clinton news at Clinton.news)

Media Matters proclaims itself to be the top watchdog against fake news and propaganda, but they’re heavily biased towards helping the left-wing’s political agenda. Media Matters aims to ensure that companies like Google and Facebook’s websites don’t host and help fake news and propaganda, but that determining that is subject to their discretion.

Google has revised their terms of service to prohibit advertising from many news sites deemed fake by leftists. Media Matters are the ones who identified the “40 worst fake news sites” that applied to Google’s policy revision.

Media Matters will now help Facebook adjust their model to curb damaging news for left-wing’s causes. The left is taking rather large steps to suppress the angles that aren’t beneficial to them. Media Matters mentioned in a statement that they pressured Facebook during the election season to focus on what they believed to be fake news circulating around on social media.

Media Matters said it was clear that Facebook needed their help to understand the fake news problem and conjure up possible solutions. Media Matters is using the financial support of donors to tackle its mission. Unfortunately, left-wing interests are the financial backers of Media Matters.




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