New study reveals how Hillary Clinton received nearly a million votes from non-citizens

More than 800,000 non-US citizens turned up to vote for Hillary Clinton in the November 8th election. Jesse Richman, a political scientist at Old Dominion University, conducted a study with his colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on non-citizen voting. The research supports Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud. Trump had estimated the number of fraudulent votes to be around 5 million, but the study which shows far less only reveals non-citizen votes, and doesn’t account for other types of voter fraud like dead voting and multiple votes from the same person. Richman’s calculations show that Hillary would have received 81 percent of the non-citizen vote. (RELATED: Find more Hillary Clinton news at

Richman’s report was based on national polling by a consortium of universities. Of an estimated 20 million non-citizen adults in the United States, 6.4 percent voted this past November. Richman said that percentage would have added 834,381 net Clinton votes. The results are significant because non-citizens may have attributed to Hillary carrying a state or performing better than she would have. Trump revisited the issue on Thursday in Pennsylvania, where he spoke with congressional Republicans to map out the 2017 legislative calendar.

Richman believes the only scientific way to estimate voter fraud is by post-vote polling. In Richman’s unique poll, a consortium of 28 universities produce detailed reports on voters and their views. The anonymous post-vote polling questionnaire revealed that a significant number of respondents acknowledged that they were non-citizens, but voted in the election.

Trump said that the ballot box needs to be kept safe from illegal voting. He vowed to protect the integrity of the ballot box and defend American citizens’ votes. The mainstream media is doing the typical dance by reporting that there is no evidence to support Trump’s claims, but conservative activists are sure the media is just ignoring the evidence. Non-citizen votes are illegal and fraudulent, but under the Obama administration, the Justice Department was more concerned with preventing states from cleaning dead and inactive voters from their rosters. The Justice Department should have launched an investigation into the fraud.

Most voters aren’t required to provide their voter ID at the polls, making claims against voter fraud farfetched. There are tens of millions of illegals in the US, and many opportunities for fraud to be committed. A federal investigation into voter fraud is long overdue. It can be accomplished by analyzing voter registration databases and checking them against the federal databases of aliens and the deceased. The left wing obviously wants no part in the investigation, because it could take away one of their possible advantages.

Conservatives have long suspected that Democrats employ tactics to promote illegal immigrant voting. Liberal leaders have created many sanctuary cities nationwide, which refuse to work with federal immigration enforcement authorities. Former US president Barack Obama seemed to encourage illegal votes. “Many of the Millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens — and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting,” said Obama. The former President also said that immigration officials will not seek to find and deport illegals after voting. “There is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, etc. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential, said Obama.” RELATED: Find more Obama news at

Conservatives interpreted Obama’s message as a green light for illegal voting, after he implied voter rolls are off limits to federal investigators. There was a message retrieved from John Podesta’s email hacks which directed immigrants to vote. Clinton’s campaign manager said that immigrants should first obtain a driver’s license, then attest that they are US citizens at a polling place.

It’s clear the left wing has been manipulating everything they can to gain an advantage, including votes, polls, and the news. Their strategy has been effective in the past, but the Trump administration continues to see right through it.


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