Rand Paul on CNN bias: “It’s clearly a partisan network, and there’s no news”

Senator Rand Paul does not play by the rules that the political machine wants him to play by. The libertarian anti-politician has been the source of controversy ever since his first infamous filibuster. Constantly annoying members of the establishment — both Republicans and Democrats — by fighting for actual freedom in the United States, Paul has never been one to pull punches when it comes to speaking his mind.

Because calling it like he sees it has become Paul’s M.O., you can expect him to sound off on all of the stupidity plaguing the mainstream media these days. That is precisely what he did recently and the results are both humorous and important.

In an interview with Matt Boyle of Breitbart News Daily, Senator Paul stated, “You know, I think they’re so openly partisan that I can’t even hardly turn on CNN in the morning, that they’re going on and on about potential conflicts of interest. Not that they’ve said this is a conflict of interest. They just go on and on and on, so it’s clearly a partisan network, and there’s no news.”

Despite the fact that the likes of CNN love to talk about how unbiased their reporters are, even the slightest amount of research goes to show otherwise. The mainstream media outlets were all so obsessed with the idea of Hillary Clinton winning that they actually referred to everyone who considered voting for Donald Trump as racist, which is simply an absurd statement. Considering the fact that America spoke and Trump won, it goes to show just how far removed most of these people are from reality.

It’s even more refreshing to see someone like Senator Paul — who openly wasn’t a supporter of Donald Trump — is willing to point out the massive flaws with the way that CNN reports on the so-called news. Instead of openly admitting that they have a liberal bias (which would at least add some integrity to their network), they pretend that they are completely unbiased and are merely reporting on the facts.

Unfortunately for them — and to a certain extent, us — it is completely obvious that they are not bipartisan. They do not give conservatives a fair shake and they completely write off libertarians as being psychopaths. Everything on the left is correct and everything on the right is wrong to these people. It’s simply unfair and inappropriate and we are all lucky that people like Rand Paul are willing to call out this hypocrisy.






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