Drugs for your dogs? Big Pharma just won FDA approval for canine anxiety meds

You have to hand it to them, the pharmaceutical industry just doesn’t stop trying to force people to purchase their chemicals, but now they’re even trying to convince you to purchase pharma drugs for your dogs! The insanity never ends when it comes to these people because they have the backing of the United States federal government to help them out.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to push the belief that everything they approve is completely healthy, while simulatenously trying to tell everyone that marijuana is some sort of life-threatening drug that will kill you quicker than crystal meth. If that doesn’t instantly disqualify an organization from appearing legitimate, I don’t know what does.

But you can’t ignore the truth of the situation, which is that there is an unfortunate amount of people out there that will definitely purchase the canine anxiety medication that Big Pharma is currently producing. Yes, you read that correctly: canine anxiety medication.

A new product named Sileo (dexmedetomidine oromucosal) claims to help cure a dog’s noise anxiety whenever it is rubbed all over its gums. Nicole Lynn Pesce of New York Daily News reports, “Each Sileo syringe costs about $25, and one syringe can contain several doses, depending on the size of the dog. The FDA said the drug can be used up to five times during an anxiety-provoking event when used as directed. It should take effect within 30 to 60 minutes. Possible side effects can include vomiting and drowsiness.”

Of course there are negative “side effects.” Everything that the pharmaceutical industry creates in a lab has negative side effects, yet so many have yet to catch on to the fact that there is something wrong with that. Why do we continue to reject safe, natural alternatives to these lab drugs when it has been shown time and time again that they are significantly healthier for all of us.

Do not make your pet consume this gel. Do not consume the products that pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing for human consumption. Our entire nation needs to start taking its health more seriously and that starts with cutting this garbage out of our diets. We have already taken back our country from the global elite — now is the time to take back our bodies from these prescription drugs. This should be our next battle. It’s time to actively start fighting back against Big Pharma.






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