Popular vote debate is dead: many of Hillary’s voters were already dead when they voted

Leading up to the 2016 presidential election, the leftists did everything to disregard the fact that voter fraud is a serious problem when it comes to elections in the United States. Because this form of criminal behavior often benefits the Democratic Party, they clearly want to draw attention away from it and disregard the fact that it even exists. But if you pay any attention to what is actually happening behind closed doors, you would realize that there is some serious corruption within the DNC.

Recently, things got even more complicated when it was revealed that votes in Texas switched from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton without the voters’ consent, which has led many people to believe that the Democratic Party was trying to rig the election so that their terrible candidate would actually have a chance of winning.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reports, “The reports are alarming, especially given the fact that the media, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and even President Obama himself have all attempted to dismiss Donald Trump’s concerns about vote rigging as a baseless conspiracy theory. A good person to ask about reports of vote rigging in Texas would be Texas Director of Elections Keith Ingram, but given that he ran away from our reporters – that might prove to be difficult.”

Immediately after the results of the presidential election were revealed — and we knew for sure that Donald Trump was going to be the next president of the United States — the leftists immediately began making every excuse possible to justify the fact that their awful candidate was defeated fair and square.

Once it appeared as though Hillary Clinton was going to lose the Electoral College vote but win the popular vote, her supporters came out in droves and claimed that the Electoral College is a scam that should not exist. It was like they were completely prepared for the worst. Unfortunately for them, the whole popular vote argument is fraudulent considering the amount of voter fraud that takes place regularly in the United States.

Those protesting Trump’s victory just need to get over it at this point. He won fair and square and any dispute should have ended after Hillary Clinton conceded on the night of the election. If you want to argue against Trump’s policies, that is your own prerogative, but claiming that his victory isn’t completely legitimate is just wrong.

Analyze the situation with any amount of objectivity and you are sure to come to the same conclusion.






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