Voter fraud: CA resident finds about 90 ballots marked with the same address, mysterious names

Regardless of what the authoritarian leftists have done in order to ensure that we don’t question their twisted motives, all the evidence points to the fact that there is a severe problem with voter fraud in the United States. Thousands — if not millions — of votes are placed across the country that are fraudlent. If they are not under the name of a dead person, they are duplicate votes that should not exist either.

Because of this, it’s no wonder that the Democratic Party fights so hard against passing laws that would make it significantly more difficult to commit voter fraud. They are the ones who benefit from this act of corruption since they cannot receive an adequate number of votes based solely on merit. Even when you consider the brainwashed masses, the American people at large are intelligent enough to know that there is no hope for the future of the DNC.

If you need more evidence to the fact that there is a major voter fraud problem, consider what recently happened to California resident Jerry Mosna. Mosna recently accidentally received 83 unused ballots in the mail — all of which were addressed to people with different names, each supposedly living in the single apartment next door to Mosna. The man realized there was something extremely wrong going on, so he turned the ballots into the local police department, which is currently investigating the case.

The Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office issued a statement which read, “We are carefully reviewing our records and gathering information to fully identify what took place. Our preliminary assessment is that this appears to be an isolated situation related to a system error that occurred causing duplicate ballots to be issued to an address entered for a single voter. We are working directly with the system vendor to ensure the issue is addressed and to identify any similar occurrences.”

News like this makes it extremely difficult to take the voting process seriously. It has been proven that there is so much corruption in United States politics that believing that individual votes matter can be a tough task. Still, numerous elections throughout history have been extremely close, so it is our duty as freedom-loving Americans to make our voices heard and get out to the polls on election day.

This election has a lot riding on it and we need to take that into account. The longterm freedom of the United States is always at risk, so we have to do our part to make sure that it is safe. We have to fight voter fraud with honesty and integrity. It’s up to us, people.



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