Trump observers in Philly being intimidated by Clinton thugs and kicked out by voting officials

Hillary Clinton’s flouting of the law has drawn lots of support from like-minded individuals around the country who will do whatever it takes to steal the election for her.

As reported by InfoWars, poll observers working on behalf of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump are being intimidated by Clinton supporters and were tossed out of some polling places by election workers in Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love,” and other locations, according to a Trump supporter who was a witness to events.

In a series of tweets, poll watcher Mark Roman said Trump observers were being tossed out of a polling place in Pompano Beach, harassed at a polling station in Brooklyn, NY, and in Philly, observers have had their certificates physically grabbed and taken from them.

Also in Philly, a poll watcher for Trump was physically threatened with a belt, which caused the observer to leave the polling station, fearing an imminent attack.

At the polling station at 10th and Oxford in Philly, a poll watcher was thrown out because he was deaf – an action that ought to earn the offending election official a charge of discrimination by the Justice Department (which won’t happen, of course).

Then, Roman tweeted this amazing detail:

“Philly is hopping. Now Trump pollwatchers being ejected for being Trump pollwatchers.”

In addition, he tweeted that Republican poll workers – not observers, but actual workers – were being blocked from entering a polling station.

Adding insult to injury, Roman also tweeted that some electronic voting machines were “not registering Trump” and had to be recalibrated, itself a questionable action considering no one is saying how these machines are suddenly losing their “calibration.”


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