Doctors are refusing patients unless they sign up for a full vaccine schedule – all to lock-in profits!

In California, a  father recently brought his young daughter to visit the practice of Matthew T. Cohan, MD, for a respiratory infection. Filling out forms is always expected at the doctor’s office, but a new form had made its debut as the last page of the usual new patient information packet.

Indeed, the new document that featured at the end of the otherwise standard paperwork was in fact a vaccination contractThe contract called for parents to sign and agree to allow the office to give “ALL the recommended childhood vaccinations … .” And, of course, potential patients would not be seen unless the parents signed the contract.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that the contract at Dr. Cohan’s office also required giving children a series of three Gardasil vaccines. The HPV vaccine has been under much scrutiny for its potential to cause horrific side effects. Lead researcher Diane Harper, whose work led to the development of Gardasil, has come forward and expressed many concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, especially for children. Harper has noted that no safety or effectiveness tests were conducted on children under the age of 15, and in spite of this fact, the vaccine is being recommended for girls as young as 9.

Harper has also stated that no scientific research on the shelf life of the vaccine in the human body has been done. It is very likely that children vaccinated at young ages will not gain any benefit from the vaccine in adulthood, and would need to be vaccinated again anyway.

So, despite a lack of any evidence that this vaccine is of any use to young children, doctors are not only promoting that it be given to little girls, but are trying to force it on them! Really? The Gardasil vaccine was intended to protect sexually active adult women – not 9- or 10-year-old girls!

What could be the motivation behind this sick practice of forcing a needless vaccine on young children? Money. In some networks, providers may receive more money if they vaccinate more people. For example, The Liberty Beacon reports that Blue Care Network pays doctors $225 per vaccination. The doctors receive $125 bonus if the service is billed as a “Well-Child Visit,” a CDC-sponsored vaccine tracking service.

It is obvious that these “vaccine contracts” are really just a means by which doctors are trying to ensure that they get more money out of your kids. On the plus side, any doctor who doles out vaccination contracts to new patients before they’ve gotten a foot in the door is making their true colors very well known. Rather than having to suffer an office visit laden with tension as a new doctor tries to get you to give your 9-year-old the Gardasil series (or any other vaccination), you can simply walk out with your child hassle-free, and utilize better ways to build their immunity naturally.


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