Social chaos and race wars are designed to usher in “reasonable tyranny” where Americans beg for martial law

Life in America just continues to get more and more tumultuous as all sorts of societal issues seem to arise with every passing day. Whether it be police brutality stemming from the growing racial tensions in America or the influx of radical Islamic ideals, there seems to be a never-ending cycle of violence, death and destruction. Everyone has become fed up with the current state of affairs, but the federal government seems to have no answers for our problems.

All across the country, things are going poorly. But this isn’t the fault of the people.

By constantly using phrases that divide people by race, the mainstream media and the powers that be are attempting to pit us against each other. When these situations reach a boiling point, both sides will turn violent and blood will be shed. The whole country will fall into absolute chaos and the government will intervene with the only answer they see fit: martial law.

The federal government is attempting to push through a “reasonable tyranny” where they slowly begin to take our rights away under the guise of protecting our safety. This has occurred time and time again throughout history and the groundwork has already been laid for it to happen here in America.

Pretending that they care about our lives, the federal government will inevitably begin to take away everything we have protecting us — and then they will expand their powers more and more until we’re living under a form of slavery in our own backyards.

If the government does choose to enact martial law — which doesn’t seem too far off — then the freedom of our country will be put at risk. It’s an absolutely terrifying possibility that seems more likely every day. We had all better be ready if we want to survive in the most unsure of times.



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