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CNN and BuzzFeed just hit a whole new low as the world’s dirtiest “sleaze journalism” rags after being caught publishing erotic fanfiction fantasies as “CIA intelligence facts” to attack Donald Trump.

The revelations are astonishing and deeply damning to CNN and BuzzFeed, both of which utterly abandoned the most basic journalistic ethics in their rush to publish anything — including completely fabricated “fake news” — that might damage Donald Trump.

The allegations — which included bizarre, twisted fetish fantasies — were so obviously false and unsubstantiated that most news organizations refused to publish them. But CNN and BuzzFeed have abandoned any attachment to journalistic credibility and have demonstrated a shocking willingness to run with any and all news that they think might spread false rumors to damage the reputation of Donald Trump and his administration.

Here’s an infographic that pieces together what we know so far. What’s hilariously emerging from all this is how Arizona Sen. John McCain is such a laughable tool of disinfo and propaganda. Come to think of it, so is the CIA at this point…

Share this infographic widely. As this story is still developing, there may be more added to it over time, so check back:

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BuzzFeed’s shameless, fact-less Trump report takes ‘fake news’ to a whole new level /rigged/2017-01-11-buzzfeeds-trump-report-takes-fake-news-to-a-new-level.html /rigged/2017-01-11-buzzfeeds-trump-report-takes-fake-news-to-a-new-level.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 So the website BuzzFeed decided to publish a series of memos that have been floating around for months alleging all kinds of terrible things about Donald Trump.

(Article by John Podhoretz, republished from nypost.com) (Find more examples of fake news at NewsFakes.com)

Some of those terrible allegations have to do with efforts to influence the American elections and Trump. Some of them have to do with Trump’s personal sexual conduct.

Readers of this newspaper know well not to include me among Trump’s supporters. But the scurrilousness of what BuzzFeed has done here is so beyond the bounds of what is even remotely acceptable it should compel even those most outraged by Trump’s political excesses to come to his defense and to the defense of a few other people mentioned in these papers whose names are also dragged through the mud.

There is literally no evidence on offer in these memos or from BuzzFeed that any single sentence in these documents is factual or true. What’s more, we know most major news organizations in America had seen them and despite their well-known institutional antipathy toward Trump, had chosen not to publish them or even make reference to them after efforts to substantiate their charges had failed.

BuzzFeed tells us that “the document was prepared for political opponents of Trump by a person who is understood to be a former British intelligence agent.” Indeed, the memos are designed to read as though they were cables sent from the field to the home office. And they should set off the bull detector of every rational person who reads them.

I’ve been a newspaper and magazine editor for 31 years, and like many in my profession, have had occasion over the course of four decades to work with people linked to intelligence agencies both domestic and foreign when they are retailing stories injurious to one or another politician or cause.

In my experience, there is no source of whom you need to be more skeptical, and whose information you need to verify to the letter before you can even begin to think of publishing it, than an “intelligence” source.

The telling indicator is that every factoid such a source produces is given equal weight with every other one. Chances are some percentage of those factoids is actual fact, but it could be 10 percent or it could be 90 or any number in between.

Since the person retailing the factoids has an agenda, as BuzzFeed acknowledges here, he has at the very least a bias toward believing every piece of anti-Trump detail he puts down on paper—and at worst a desire to throw every single rumor he can collect (or generate out of his own fevered imaginings) at the wall to see which ones might stick.

At a moment when journalists are up in arms about “fake news,” what BuzzFeed has done here is take fake news to a new level. Its editor, Ben Smith, acknowledges “there is serious reason to doubt the allegations.” In other words, there is almost certainly fake news inside these memos, and it might all be fake, or some parts of it might be true but buried so deeply under falsity that it would be impossible to separate it out.

“Publishing this dossier reflects how we see the job of reporters in 2017,” Smith writes. This is an amazing thing to say, because if you think it through, it means publishing open libels and slanders is the job of reporters in 2017.

“Fake news will become more sophisticated, and fake, ambiguous, and spun-up stories will spread widely,” warned an important American editor at the end of December 2016. His name: Ben Smith. His publication: BuzzFeed.

I didn’t make that up.

Read more at: nypost.com

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CNN, BuzzFeed caught running fanfiction erotica message board fantasies as “intelligence dossier” to slander Trump… “an absolute disgrace” says President-elect /rigged/2017-01-11-cnn-buzzfeed-caught-running-fanfiction-erotica-message-board-fantasies-as-intelligence-dossier-to-slander-trump-absolute-disgrace.html /rigged/2017-01-11-cnn-buzzfeed-caught-running-fanfiction-erotica-message-board-fantasies-as-intelligence-dossier-to-slander-trump-absolute-disgrace.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 BREAKING STORY… check back often for updates… CNN and BuzzFeed just hit a whole new low as the world’s dirtiest “sleaze journalism” rags after being caught publishing erotic fanfiction fantasies as “CIA intelligence facts” to attack Donald Trump.

The revelations are astonishing and deeply damning to CNN and BuzzFeed, both of which utterly abandoned the most basic journalistic ethics in their rush to publish anything — including completely fabricated “fake news” — that might damage Donald Trump.

The allegations — which included bizarre, twisted fetish fantasies — were so obviously false and unsubstantiated that most news organizations refused to publish them. But CNN and BuzzFeed have abandoned any attachment to journalistic credibility and have demonstrated a shocking willingness to run with any and all news that they think might spread false rumors to damage the reputation of Donald Trump and his administration. (RELATED: Read MediaFactWatch.com for more stories on “fake news” from the left-wing media.)

“In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous “golden showers” scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as “fanfiction”, then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election,” reports Zero Hedge.

“It’s all fake. And not only fake; it’s a prank perpetuated by 4chan, on Rick Wilson himself,” explains this Pastebin post. “A post on 4chan on october 26 stated ‘mfw managed to convince CTR and certain (((journalists))) on Twitter there’ll be an October surprise on Trump this Friday’ along with a picture of a smug face with a hash name.”

“Nazi Germany” tactics, says Trump

“I think it was disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be false… That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do,” said Trump in this morning’s press conference. “That information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. BuzzFeed writing it… I think they’re going to suffer the consequences, and they already are.”

Trump continued:

I must say that I thank a lot of the news organizations here today because they looked at that nonsense that was released by… who knows… maybe intelligence agencies, which would be a tremendous blot on their record, because a thing like that should never have been written, never have been released. I want to thank a lot of the news organizations here today… and they came out so strongly against that fake news and the fact that it was written about by one group [BuzzFeed] and one television station [CNN]. I just want to compliment many of the people in the room… there were some news organizations with all that was just said, that were so professional, that I’ve just gone up a notch as to what I think of you. (RELATED: Follow more news on Donald Trump at Trump.news)

Buzzfeed writers Ken Bensinger, Mark Schoofs and Miriam Elder are “journo-terrorists”

What all this perfectly demonstrates is my theory of “journo-terrorism” which explains that the left-wing media has literally become engaged in acts of “psychological terrorism” to plant land mines in the brains of the American people.

BuzzFeed’s authors of this outrageous piece of malicious journo-terrorism are well-known purveyors of fake news and completely fabricated (but politically motivated) bulls##t: Ken Bensinger, Mark Schoofs and Miriam Elder.

Even knowing the entire “dossier” on Donald Trump was completely fabricated, BuzzFeed decided to go “full click bait” and publish it anyway, justifying their actions with this lame excuse: “BuzzFeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.” (We refuse to link to BuzzFeed’s story. There’s no need to contribute to their click bait scheme.) (RELATED: See more news hoaxes at Hoax.news)

TownHall.com provides the most cognizant explanation of how BuzzFeed and CNN decided to commit credibility suicide in publishing this obviously fake collection of pure fiction:

On Tuesday night, BuzzFeed News published an explosive, yet completely unverified, dossier alleging that President-elect Donald Trump engaged in a whole host of, shall we say unusual, sexual activities in Moscow.

What’s worth talking about, however, are swirling claims on Reddit that 4chan users on the board /pol/ completely made the entire thing up. According to a variety of posts on the pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald, a user on /pol/, a 4chan board, made up the most salacious story in the report. He then mailed it to anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who then went to the CIA. The story was then included on the dossier published Tuesday by BuzzFeed News.

If this is true, this effectively means that 4chan trolled the U.S. intelligence system and the majority of the U.S. media with what’s basically Donald Trump erotic fanfiction, which is terrifying.

CIA and FBI “intelligence” is sheer stupidity

In essence, this means both the CIA and FBI are now assembling “intelligence” dossiers from any source whatsoever, without any regard to the credibility of the source or the authenticity of the information.

It also means the U.S. intelligence community has become a total joke. Its credibility is in rapid collapse. We now know that the entire “Russian hacking” narrative being pushed by the CIA also has zero credibility, because it obviously came from the same dark corners of the intelligence community who just got caught pushing this 4chan “golden showers” fiction as if it were fact.

Finally, we also now know that this completely discredited CIA tag-teams the lying mainstream media to push out totally bogus, fraudulent “facts” and keep repeating them until they are cited as truth by the mentally ill political left.

Keep all this in mind as you navigate the tidal wave of total bulls##t now being peddled by CNN, BuzzFeed, the CIA and even the FBI. As we predicted long ago, the entire corrupt establishment is desperately attempting to destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary. They are failing miserably. And now they’ve been caught scraping the bottom of the barrel with completely fabricated fake news fictions being repacked as “intelligence.”

Dare we call it what it really is? STUPIDITY.

BuzzFeed and CNN are, in every way imaginable, completely FAKE NEWS.


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The communist subversion of America is nearly complete: Left-wing media has already achieved 3 out of 4 steps for Soviet-style overthrow of American society and government /rigged/2017-01-09-communist-subversion-of-america-is-nearly-complete-left-wing-media-soviet-style-overthrow-yuri-bezmenov.html /rigged/2017-01-09-communist-subversion-of-america-is-nearly-complete-left-wing-media-soviet-style-overthrow-yuri-bezmenov.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 For weeks, the left-wing media has been absurdly claiming that patriot websites and a Republican President elect are working for the Russians. The truth is exactly the flip side: Democrats have been working with the Russians for decades to subvert American culture, destabilize America’s institutions and overrun the U.S. government with Marxist-communist leftist infiltrators who despise liberty and the Constitution.

For example, CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a blatant communist sympathizer who celebrated the murderous Castro regime by claiming Castro “lifted everyone up.” After Castro’s death, CNN talking heads gushed for days about how glorious Castro was, apparently oblivious to the mass political executions of men, women and children committed by Castro over decades of exploitation and tyranny. The exact words of Cuomo leave no doubt that he worships communist dictators:

What is the point of this communist regime if it is not to truly make everyone equal — not at the lowest level; not by demoralizing everyone; but lifting everyone up?

#Calexit movement has already opened an embassy in Moscow

Even right now, the #Calexit secession movement in California — run entirely by radical left-wing activists — has already set up an “embassy” in Moscow, and they are gaining support from communist collaborators in the Obama regime to fund the effort and turn California into a “communist beachhead” in North America.

To really understand what’s happening across America today, you need to watch a film called The Enemies Within. You can find it at this website.

This powerful documentary details the communist collaborators inside the U.S. government who are right now operating as members of Congress in the U.S. Capitol. Many of them, the film reveals, could not pass an FBI background check because they have so many ties with anti-American communist groups such as Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, the Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations

Watch the trailer here:

Anti-American left-wing media has achieved 3 out of 4 steps necessary for a Soviet-style overthrow of the United States

The “silent coup” taking place in America right now is a communist takeover being pushed by the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia and government infiltrators and subversives.

Hollywood is deeply involved in the evil plot, pushing out propaganda shows like The Americans which portrays Russian spies as heroes in America. A sci-fi show called Continuum labels anti-establishment liberty groups “terrorists” while portraying the strong female lead as a hero for hunting down and killing those who seek liberty. (She’s called a “protector” and works for the globalist corporate monopolists who already overthrew the government.) Nearly the entire institution of “Hollywood” is widely infiltrated by Marxists, communists and radical left-wing subversives who use television, movies and even video games to push grotesque cultural subversion themes like transgenderism (Amazon Prime), attacks on white history, attacks on the police (ESPN), attacks on males (every TV commercial) and attacks on logic and reason.

Former Soviet-era deception expert Yuri Bezmenov laid out a blueprint for communist subversion of any targeted nation back in the 1980s. That blueprint looks remarkably like what Obama and the radical left just pulled off over the last eight years… with the help of the lying mainstream media and cultural subversion via movies, TV, Jon Stewart, fake news, false flags and an overthrow of the public education system (Common Core, an anti-education indoctrination / obedience scheme).

Bezmenov is well known for saying:

The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all… but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy, and that your system, your civilization and your ambitions look to your enemy as an alternative, if not desirable then at least feasible. That’s the ultimate purpose, the final stage of subversion, after which you can simply take your enemy without a single shot being fired.

Watch his lecture in the video below.

Disinformation, deception and the art of subversion

To really get up to speed on all this, I strongly recommend a book called Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism.

This book starts off with details of how President Bill Clinton seized upon the black church hate crime hoax of the 1990s to foment hatred toward whites and Christianity, perfectly following the blueprint of Soviet-style “demoralization,” destabilization and subversion.

The book is a tour de force of radical left-wing deception tactics being widely used today by Sen. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and of course Barack Obama. Almost everything they do is patterned off KGB-developed communist subversion tactics to destroy liberty and democracy while demoralizing and punishing those who believe in religion, law enforcement or equal justice. The entire point of the Obama regime was to destroy rationality across American society and replace it with mass mental illness (transgenderism, philosophical monopolism, social engineering obedience, anti-science climate change propaganda, politically correct language police and so on).

Another similar book with more modern details is called Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America by Ann Coulter.

Demonic reveals astonishing historical details of how leftists not only overthrow governments, but then they usually kill their own subversives after the takeover, having decided their own people were “useful idiots” to achieve the coup.

The Yuri Bezmenov lectures

Yuri Bezmenov explains the four stages of subversion in his remarkable historical lecture found in this video:

As you’ll discover from watching the video, America is currently in stage 3 — “crisis”. That’s the point where Bezmenov says that if things aren’t immediately reversed, the only way to get back to liberty is through military control of the country.

In other words, once the minds of leftists are so polluted (Meryl Shreep), indoctrinated (Matt Demon), made mentally ill (Rosie O’Dumbbell) or completely obliterated by radical leftist disinfo (John McCain, a RINO), the radical left can only be defeated, says Bezmenov, with military force. They’re beyond the reach of education, self-realization, login or reason of any kind. Their minds have been obliterated by communist-Marxist programming and social engineering.

Does anyone doubt, after observing the complete insanity of the radical left today, that most of those people are beyond reason? They’re been so mind controlled by communist / Marxist / leftist propaganda that they will never accept ideas rooted in liberty. Rush Limbaugh calls them “a special kind of stupid,” and Michael Savage calls them “mentally ill.” In truth, it’s actually a combination of stupidity, indoctrination, mental illness and delusional paranoia. But in a greater sense, all these leftists are victims of propaganda. Their minds have been taken over via cultural and institutional subversion. This is all deliberate.

P.S. Also watch this incredible interview with Yuri Bezmenov by G. Edward Griffin (the video looks like it’s from the 1980s). It’s just astonishing what you’ll learn about cultural subversion in this video:

Obama’s last eight years were ripped right out of the KGB’s subversion playbook

I’ve carefully watched the Bezmenov video (and you should too), taking the following notes. As you read these notes, notice how perfectly this matches with the agenda of Obama and the radical left, including the transgender push, the attacks on Christianity, the complete obliteration of public education and the vilification of law enforcement:

* Espionage only occupies 10 – 15% of time, money and manpower activities of the KGB.

* The other 85% of the KGB activity is subversion.

* The aim is to destroy the country of your enemy.

* Subversion activity is overt and easily observable.

* According to western laws, subversion is not a crime.

* Subverters are exchange students, diplomats, actors…

* Subversion is a two-way activity. The enemy must be willing to be subverted.

* You cannot subvert the Soviet Union because the borders are closed.

* Subversion can only be successful when the agent of subversion has a responsive target.

* The USA is a “receptive target” of subversion.

* Sun-Tzu was the first expert in subversion in ancient China.

* He said it is inefficient to fight on the battlefield.

* The basics of subversion are taught to every student of the KGB in the USSR.

The four stages of subversion – from Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet KGB subversion expert

  1. Demoralization. It takes 15 – 20 years to demoralize a society. It includes influencing (infiltration, propaganda, etc.) of various areas where public opinion is shaped: Religion, educational system, social life, administration, law enforcement systems, military and labor-employer relations.

Exploit the people within the society who are ideologically opposed to the system. Use small groups of agents from foreign nations. Distract people from real faith and replace it with artificial faiths in other systems.

In education, distract them from learning something constructive, pragmatic and efficient. Instead of mathematics, chemistry, history, teach them sexuality, home economy, anything to distract.

In social life, replace traditionally established institutions with fake organizations. Take away the initiative from people, take away the natural links between individuals and replace them with bureaucratically controlled systems. Establish social workers’ institutions ruled by bureaucracy. Eliminate the family and replace the main concern with the paycheck from the government.

In government, replace elected officials with un-elected bureaucrats who control the people.

In the major media like the New York Times, you don’t have to be an excellent journalist. You have to be exactly a mediocre journalist.

For the power structure: It is slowly eroded by those who do not have qualifications nor the will of the people.

Law enforcement: Put into place a slow substitution of basic moral principles, where someone who used to be a criminal is now considered a victim.

Labor relations: Destroy the traditionally established links of bargaining between employer and employee. Obedient workers follow their leaders.

Democracy is not a system of equality. It is a system where diverse people of different backgrounds have the chance to compete and thrive.

  1. Destabilization. Destabilize all the accepted institutions and organizations of your enemy.

There is no crime if a professor introduces a course of communism or Marxism into a California college.

The radicalization of negotiations between labor and employers. “Normalizing” violent protests.

The media places itself in opposition to society, to alienate the people.

Subversive “sleepers” now become leaders in society and actively include themselves in the political process. Now, homosexuals make it a political issue to “demand human rights” and instigate violent clashes. Black against white. It doesn’t matter, it’s about creating antagonistic clashes. This is destabilization.

The sleepers are KGB agents. They become leaders to destabilize the targeted nation. Thus, the agent is already a respected citizen of the United States. He even gets money from the government for his struggle labeled “human rights.”

  1. Crisis. The process starts when the legitimate bodies of power cannot function anymore. Instead, artificial bodies are injected into society, such as non-elected committees. They claim power on how to run your life. If power is denied to them, they take it by force. They are often half-baked intellectuals from Harvard or somewhere, they think they know the answers to social problems.

The population at large is looking for a savior to solve the crisis that has been artificially created. They call for socialist government, centralized power. A savior is needed. The savior is then provided as the foreign nation, or the sleeper agents, they call it a revolution. They say, “I will lead you.”

The two alternatives here are: 1) Civil war. 2) Invasion.

  1. Normalization. This stage is to make the subversion results seem “normal” to the people. “Your country is normalized.”

At this point, the workers don’t demand a revolution anymore. This is stabilizing the country by force. Activists, liberals, social workers, homosexuals, professors and Marxists are being eliminated because they are not needed anymore.

The new owners need stability to exploit the nation and take advantage of the victory. The Marxists shoot their own revolutionaries.

Once the subverted culture is “normalized,” the only way to reverse the course of the country is through military intervention.

The most difficult and simplest answer against subversion is to start it before the “demoralization” stage. Bring back religion to restore stability to society. (Halt “cultural Marxism” from marching forward.)

As part of normalization, allow the criminals to have “civil rights” and bring crisis to the country. To defend against this, do not allow them to take political power… do not elect them into power. It must be driven into the heads of the American voters that a person like that is an enemy of the state.

Restriction of certain freedoms would prevent sliding into crisis. To curb unlimited power of the trade unions would save the economy from collapse. To introduce a law to stop private companies of raping public opinions in the direction of consumerism. No company must have a right to force you into buying more unless you want.

Demoralization is the easiest thing to reverse. Restrict the import of propaganda. The unrestrained import of Soviet journalists… it has to be stopped. They won’t be offended, they will respect America more. My colleague appears on Nightline and Ted Koppel asks him, “What do you think?” What can he think? He is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Soviet empire.

The process of demoralization will not start at all if the country prevents the importation of foreign ideology. You don’t have to shoot every foreigner… but when he offers you junk in the disguise of shiny something, you have to tell him, “No. We have our own junk.”

If the country is strong enough to stop the importation of ideas which are foreign, then the whole chain of subversion can be prevented.

Many societies throughout history collapsed the moment they lost religion. The idea of human beings as intelligent, moral agents of God can prevent collapse. But all the technology and computers will not prevent collapse. No one will fight to defend “2+2=4″ but millions will fight to protect God and religious faith.

The answer to ideological subversion is very simple. You don’t have to shoot people. You simply have to have faith and prevent subversion… not to be a victim of subversion. Strike not with force but with the superiority of your intellect.

/rigged/2017-01-09-communist-subversion-of-america-is-nearly-complete-left-wing-media-soviet-style-overthrow-yuri-bezmenov.html/feed 0
The ‘mainstream media’ complains about ‘fake news’ but as Trump coverage proves, it either creates it or falls for it ALL the time /rigged/2017-01-09-the-mainstream-media-complains-about-fake-news-but-as-trump-coverage-proves-it-either-creates-it-or-falls-for-it-all-the-time.html /rigged/2017-01-09-the-mainstream-media-complains-about-fake-news-but-as-trump-coverage-proves-it-either-creates-it-or-falls-for-it-all-the-time.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Facebook, Google and other media giants have pledged to root out “fake news” from now on, having allowed themselves to be convinced by the dishonest ‘mainstream media’ that a bevy of Russia-planted “propaganda” in hundreds of legitimate alternative media sites during the recent presidential campaign are what led to the loss of their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton.

That phony narrative has since been wholly discredited, but no matter: Facebook has announced it will partner with some shady “fact-checker” websites like Snopes.com and Politifact.com, as well as news media like ABC News and The Associated Press—all of whom have credibility issues themselves—in order to prevent “fake news” from showing up on their sites.

Of course, all of this nonsense is really just an effort to make official their previous censoring of real media facts they simply do not agree with, because such truth doesn’t fit their narratives, especially when it comes to their attempts at undermining and de-legitimizing the incoming President-elect Trump. In order to create a narrative and make it stick, you have to be able to shut out or shout down any competing information, no matter how factual it is, and that will require 1) outspending your competition; and 2) giving yourself the aura of legitimacy by surrounding yourself with so-called ‘reliable’ sources.

But the reality is, of course, that the mainstream media are the creators of false narratives and the perpetrators of fake news, not the alternative media, which has been consistently accurate in its reporting this campaign season. In fact, here is a list of made-up narratives and phony-baloney reporting this year by the mainstream press as it pertained to Trump, which could not help piling on and serving as an echo chamber for each discredited story:

— ‘The Russians did it’: One of the most recent examples is the Washington Post’s claim that Russia, in a massive psyops operation, flooded hundreds of alternative news and information sites with fake news—“propaganda” aimed at helping Trump defeat Clinton. The paper relied on a single dubious ‘source’ for its report, a shady, never-before-heard-of organization of “experts” who claimed to have some scientific data ‘proving’ that Moscow was behind this effort. But as it was revealed in follow-up reporting by The Intercept and other news outlets, even rudimentary questioning by the Post’s reporter and its editors would have discovered severe discrepancies with the organization—PropOrNot—and the claims it was making.

“[T]he article is rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations, and fundamentally shaped by shoddy, slothful journalistic tactics. It was not surprising to learn that, as BuzzFeed’s Sheera Frenkel noted, ‘a lot of reporters passed on this story.’ Its huge flaws are self-evident. But the Post gleefully ran with it and then promoted it aggressively, led by its Executive Editor Marty Baron.”

— A ‘Trump supporter’ burned down a black church: Late in the campaign a story broke claiming that a “Trump supporter” or supporters intentionally torched and burned down a black church in Mississippi. Following the initial report a number of ‘mainstream’ media outlets—all wanting to believe it was true because they already believed that Trump himself is a racist—rushed to concur and summarily condemn the GOP nominee (as did Trump’s rival, Clinton, who tweeted that “this kind of hate has no place in America”—which, of course, is true).

What got the media hooked into this story is that the perpetrator(s) spray-painted, “Vote Trump” on the side of the burned out church. But lacking any evidence other than that very circumstantial phrase, the media went with the “Trump supporters are obviously racists” narrative anyway.

The Atlantic, under the headline, “A Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump,” reported that the arson attack was being investigated as a “hate crime,” attempted to tie the incident to rising racism, and claimed that the motivation was for someone to leave “a calling card about politics.”

Reliably Left-wing Vox went all out to pin the blame on Trump supporters. Victoria M. Massie wrote in her piece, “Black churches have always been about more than spirituality. For generations, black churches have served as sources of refuge from and resistance to the racism pervading America’s Christian pulpits.” Uh, okay.

She further claimed that though the perpetrator(s) had yet to be identified, “Trump’s supporters” were “welcoming the confrontation” with minorities, and that the burning was “the latest symbol of some of the country’s worst fears about the spread of violence looming over this year’s presidential election” (violence that, of course, was generated primarily by Left-wing Clinton supporters).

Not to be outdone, the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center, which has never met a Republican or a conservative it liked or thought highly of, immediately posted news of the incident on their “Hate Watch” site, though again, there wasn’t one shred of evidence or proof that a Trump supporter was responsible. The group even claimed that the burning was an attempt at “voter intimidation.”

And finally, The Daily Beast complained that even a “burned down black church” proves that a “President Trump wouldn’t condemn his own terrorists” (yes, he used the “T” word). “…[W]hen it came to the burning of a black church in his own name, Trump’s little fingers didn’t touch his favorite means of reaching millions of supporters, Twitter. Instead, his campaign issued a boilerplate statement.”

Well, that’s because in the end, as Breitbart news reported, a black member of that very church—Andrew McClinton—was arrested by police and is suspected of being responsible for torching it, all in an effort to feed the false narrative and stereotype created by the real purveyors of “fake news” that Trump and his supporters are racist.

None of these media outlets or the SPLC has apologized or retracted their stories.

— The bisexual girl who was not being ‘harassed by Trump supporters’: Taylor Volk, a DeKalb University senior who has stated publicly she is bisexual, complained in November that she was singled out by a hateful note she said was taped to her door that read, “Back to Hell,” and “#Trump”. She also said she received a pair of anonymous emails that said essentially the same thing, so she “went public” about them on her Facebook page, Chicago’s NBC affiliate reported.

“This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden,” Volk said.

“The fact that somebody reached out to do this to her specifically is shocking,” Kelsey Stevens, a North Park senior, added. “I think those who have those feelings have been emboldened by this election.”

But after a short investigation of Volk’s claims, the university’s own president himself found them to be a hoax, as The Daily Wire reported. Again, no retraction.

— Phony slurs, attacks, on more college campuses: We know that Left-wing academics have convinced students they need “safe spaces” on campuses, because…conservatives and Trump. So there have been no shortage of false complaints that racial and homophobic slurs have allegedly been committed by a host of Trump supporters.

Except they haven’t been.

As Campus Reform reported in mid-November, a young Muslim woman told school officials at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette that two white males wearing “Donald Trump clothing” assaulted her and stole her hijab.

“The ACLU of Louisiana is outraged at the news of a young Muslim woman being assaulted and robbed of her hijab in Lafayette yesterday morning,” the organization said, adding that “the report that her attackers also shouted slurs and wore Donald Trump clothing is especially troubling in light of Mr. Trump’s frequent use of anti-Muslim rhetoric on the campaign trail.”

But it never happened. Within hours, university police determined the entire incident was a hoax.

There have been other reports and other hoaxes as well, such as the student at Villanova University who claimed she was attacked by Trump supporters, but turns out she declined to press charges.

Then again, some Left-wing academics are actually calling for Trump supporters to be expelled from their campuses, citing a plethora of stereotypical reasons while offering no evidence at all that they are making problems or threatening other students.

There is no question that the recently-ended presidential campaign was one of the most contentious in recent history. But what is also true is that one nominee—Trump—was savaged and lied about repeatedly by false reports that the discredited mainstream media leapt to cover, without checking sources, facts and details.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.











/rigged/2017-01-09-the-mainstream-media-complains-about-fake-news-but-as-trump-coverage-proves-it-either-creates-it-or-falls-for-it-all-the-time.html/feed 0
Fitness trackers could be sending your data to healthcare providers, bumping up your premiums /rigged/2017-01-08-fitness-trackers-could-be-sending-your-data-to-healthcare-providers-bumping-up-your-premiums.html /rigged/2017-01-08-fitness-trackers-could-be-sending-your-data-to-healthcare-providers-bumping-up-your-premiums.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Fitness trackers like Fitbit pose a major privacy and security risk to users, warns a new report from the Centre for Digital Democracy.

Fitness trackers and smart watches, which are sold by companies including Fitbit, Apple, Jawbone, Misfit and Samsung, collect a wide range of personal, physical and health data about users. Companies could sell this information to advertisers, or even to your employer or health insurance provider. Users could suffer consequences ranging from targeted advertising to raised insurance premiums to job discrimination or even identity theft.

On top of which, there’s no evidence that the devices actually improve people’s health.

Treasure trove of data

The wearable devices monitor everything from physical activity to heart rate, sleep, stress levels and calorie consumption. As devices get more advanced, the information they collect becomes more and more valuable to malicious actors.

“Biosensors will routinely be able to capture not only an individual’s heart rate, body temperature, and movement, but also brain activity, moods, and emotions,” the report warns. “These data can, in turn, be combined with personal information from other sources—including health-care providers and drug companies—raising such potential harms as discriminatory profiling, manipulative marketing, and security breaches.”

The companies admit to collecting and analyzing user data — it’s part of the “service” provided — and to sharing it with third-party apps that users sign up for. Those third parties, in turn, may also pass along your data.

The first and most likely place for your data to end up is in the hands of advertisers. Targeted advertising using personal data has become big business in the age of the Internet. But there is also nothing to stop companies from selling your data to your health insurance company, which could use it to calculate increased premiums.

In fact, the list of companies and groups in the market for your private information is nearly endless.

The information collected by these devices “could enable profiling and discrimination—based on ethnicity, age, gender, medical condition, and other information—across a spectrum of fields, such as employment, education, insurance, finance, criminal justice, and social services, affecting not only individuals but also groups and society at large,” the report warns.

Even if a company promises never to share your data, the information could still be compromised by a cyber attack. Databases containing large amounts of diverse information, such as health care records, are now one of the favorite targets of malicious hackers.

“The opportunities for data breaches will increase, with hackers accessing medical and health information at insurance companies, retail chains, and other businesses,” the report says.

Do they even help?

Furthermore, studies now suggest that fitness trackers don’t actually lead to much improvement in exercise behaviors.

One study, published in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, found that people who used a Fitbit Zip for a year did show sustained increases in activity level, but only by an average of 16 minutes a week. This was “probably not enough to generate noticeable improvements in any health outcomes,” the researchers wrote.

It takes very little exercise — about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three to five times a week — to dramatically improve your health profile. That is, 90 to 150 minutes a week. An extra 16 minutes isn’t enough to make much difference.

The researchers found no evidence that Fitbit wearers were any more likely to lose weight or improve cardiorespiratory fitness or blood pressure.

Another recent study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that people using wearable devices lose less weight than those using standard weight loss techniques.





/rigged/2017-01-08-fitness-trackers-could-be-sending-your-data-to-healthcare-providers-bumping-up-your-premiums.html/feed 0
Tour de FARCE: US Intel report on Russian “interference” a hilarious parade of paranoia politics… zero evidence… just rehashed delusional conspiracy theories /rigged/2017-01-06-tour-de-farce-us-intel-report-on-russian-interference-a-hilarious-parade-of-paranoia-politics-rehashed-delusional-conspiracy-theories.html /rigged/2017-01-06-tour-de-farce-us-intel-report-on-russian-interference-a-hilarious-parade-of-paranoia-politics-rehashed-delusional-conspiracy-theories.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 We really have reached the point where everything that’s run by the political left has devolved into a parade of delusional paranoia. Whether it’s man-made “climate change,” the purely imagined “KKK hate crimes” epidemic, or the hilarious delusional conspiracy theory about Russians “hacking the election,” everything the left has come up with in recent memory is rooted in sheer fiction (if not slobbering mental illness).

The latest laughable attempt at creating a Russian boogeyman to scare all the little leftist snowflake children has arrived in the form of a US intel report released Friday. Titled, “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections,” the report is so laughably devoid of a single shred of credible evidence that actual journalists all across the world are rolling on the floor with hysterical laughter.

“Every time IC repackages its same assertions in a new form, media acts like it’s been proven, even though it – again – includes no evidence,” Tweeted one of the few remaining independent journalists on the planet, Glenn Greenwald.

In another tweet, Greenwald followed up with, “It’s shocking how much this report was hyped and how literally no effort was made to include *any* evidence at all.”

In response, left-wing trolls on Twitter accused Greenwald himself of “working for the Russians.” (That’s now the excuse the everything the left doesn’t like. Must be the Russians!)

A circle jerk of rehashed left-wing paranoia

In essence, a tiny number of Obama puppets inside the CIA and FBI just “made s##t up” and then tried to pass it off as legitimate intelligence. The laughably hysterical document — widely and blindly repeated everywhere in the obedient but mindless left-wing media — is nothing more than a circle jerk rehash of delusional conspiracy theories.

Notably, there isn’t a single piece of actual evidence found in the entire report.

The report spends much of its time covering RT, a media organization funded by the Kremlin: “RT’s coverage of Secretary Clinton throughout the US presidential campaign was consistently negative and focused on her leaked e-mails and accused her of corruption, poor physical and mental health, and ties to Islamic extremism,” says the report.

In other words, anyone who was critical of Hillary Clinton was obviously working with the Russians, right? Never mind that she was an unlikable, deeply corrupt, criminal-minded mob boss with an obvious neurological disorder who pre-sold the White House to foreign interests.

Opponents of fracking are also working for the Russians, you see

It gets even better. The report also implies that environmentalists and opponents of fracking are working for the Russians, too. (Yes, I know. It’s just beyond hilarious.)

“RT runs anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health.”

Noooooo! Say it isn’t so! You mean to tell me that people who are concerned about the environmental impact of fracking are really working for the Russians? For the record, that’s about 90% of all leftists, by the way. Apparently, not only are all the people on the right working for the Russians (because they hate Hillary), but also all the people on the left are working for the Russians, too (because they hate fracking).

According to the CIA, then, everyone is working for the Russians. Except, not Hillary Clinton, we’re told, even though she was the U.S. Secretary of State who approved the Russian takeover of U.S. strategic uranium mines… a convenient fact the lying left-wing media refuses to report.

A Tour de Farce of intelligence bullsh#ttery

If you can stop laughing, consider the fact that the left-wing media takes this bogus intelligence report as “fact” even though it is completely devoid of any evidence. The entire thing is nothing more than Obama sycophants ginning up scary bedtime stories to tell each other, then labeling it all “intelligence.”

In truth, there’s no intelligence to be found in the report at all. It’s so devoid of facts, evidence and sources — but rife with opinions, conclusions and “analysis” of opinions — that the whole thing should probably be renamed Tour de Farce: The CIA’s Drug-Induced Assessment of Make-Believe Threats to the Kingdom of F##ktardia.

In conclusion, the report wildly discredits the CIA, FBI and NSA with its cringe-worthy (and obviously politically biased) “analysis” that reads more like twisted, drug-induced paranoid delusions than meaningful intelligence. The very first thing President Trump should do after being sworn in, obviously, is to drain the swamp at the CIA and remove every single analyst churning out this paranoid hogwash.

/rigged/2017-01-06-tour-de-farce-us-intel-report-on-russian-interference-a-hilarious-parade-of-paranoia-politics-rehashed-delusional-conspiracy-theories.html/feed 0
Washington Post, NYT, CNN, MSNBC incited kidnapping, torture and scalping of white special needs boy in disgusting racial hate crime… “journo-terrorism” now a clear and present danger to America /rigged/2017-01-05-journo-terrorism-washington-post-nyt-cnn-msnbc-incited-kidnapping-torture-scalping-of-white-special-needs-boy-racial-hate-crime.html /rigged/2017-01-05-journo-terrorism-washington-post-nyt-cnn-msnbc-incited-kidnapping-torture-scalping-of-white-special-needs-boy-racial-hate-crime.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the four black teens in Chicago who kidnapped, bound, tortured, scalped and beat a young white “special needs” boy on a Facebook live video feed, all while shouting anti-Trump and racist hate slogans that will turn your stomach.

“Graphic footage captured on Facebook Live shows a mentally handicapped white man being tortured in Chicago by African-American assailants as they laugh and express their disgust for white people and President-elect Donald Trump,” reports The Daily Caller:

The video, taken by a woman identified on Facebook as “Brittany Herring,” shows a white man tied up with tape across his mouth. The victim is shown being repeatedly hit, sliced at with a knife, berated and his clothes ripped off.

If you’ve ever wondered whether violent black hoodlums are targeting white people for extreme violence, hatred and felony assault, this sickening, racially motivated violence — broadcast live by Facebook — just confirmed it once and for all. In fact, black-on-white crime is now far more prevalent, violent and hate-oriented than white-on-black crime across America, as the following statistics reveal.

African-Americans are only 13% of the population but commit over 50% of the murders

The statistics on who’s really committing violent crime prove this beyond any debate. “Today blacks are about 13 percent of the population and continue to be responsible for an inordinate amount of crime. Between 1976 and 2005 blacks committed more than half of all murders in the United States,” reports The Washington Times.

“The black arrest rate for most offenses — including robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes — is still typically two to three times their representation in the population. Blacks as a group are also overrepresented among persons arrested for so-called white-collar crimes such as counterfeiting, fraud and embezzlement. And blaming this decades-long, well-documented trend on racist cops, prosecutors, judges, sentencing guidelines and drug laws doesn’t cut it as a plausible explanation.”

The four hoodlums responsible for this particular violent hate crime against an innocent “special needs” teen have now been arrested and charged with multiple, serious crimes. They are:

Jordan Hill, 18, of Carpentersville; Tesfaye Cooper, 18, of Chicago; Brittany Covington, 18, of Chicago; and Tanishia Covington, 24, of Chicago.

According to Zero Hedge, they have been “charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary, according to the Cook County state’s attorney. Hill was also charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.”

Here’s what they look like. I think if Obama had a son, one of them might look just like the thug on the right…

From the Daily Caller:

At one point in the video, the primary assailant shouts at the bound man, “F#ck Donald Trump, nigga! F#ck white people, boy! F#ck white people, boy!” while he kicks him. At another point in the video, the perpetrators laugh about being reported to the police in response to a Facebook commenter claiming they’re going to be arrested.

Here’s the sickening video of their outrageous crime against whites (warning GRAPHIC):

Left-wing media all but blacklisting the gruesome story, hoping no one learns the truth about black-on-white hate crime in America

Not surprisingly, this “lynching” of a white special needs boy is being almost completely censored by the entire left-wing media that incited it. The dishonest “fakestream” media only reports news that fits their false narratives. Thus, if four white teens had bound, beaten and kidnapped a young black boy, it would be headline news everywhere, alongside nationwide riots in every major city.

“Call this disgusting attack in Obama’s back yard exactly what it is: a Trump-hating race crime against a defenseless white man by young black Americans who shame their country,” declared left-wing journalist and globalist Piers Morgan in this UK Daily Mail article:

[T]oday, I’m in shock.

I just watched a video that didn’t just sicken me, it contaminated every pore of my soul with feelings of pure, unadulterated, raw disgust and hatred.

The short piece of film I endured depicts a gang of four black teenage thugs, two male, two female, abusing and torturing a poor terrified young white man with special needs.

The sheer scale of their depravity appears to know no bounds.

These smirking scumbags tie him up, gag him, kick him, punch him, scalp him by viciously slashing his hair with a knife, and flick burning cigarette ash on the head wounds they inflict in the process.

They laugh, they jeer, then one of them shouts: ‘F**k Donald Trump, n***a, f**k white people!’

Another urges the victim to say, “I love black people.”

And then they force him at knifepoint to say, “F**k Donald Trump.”

This is not a quick, spontaneous assault. The victim is believed to have been held for up to 48 hours.

US DOJ stats: Black thugs are the real violent crime problem in America… and they tend to vote Democrat

When black people are attacked by white people, that’s headline news everywhere. But when a white boy is tortured, kidnapped, scalped and beaten by black thugs, it’s not “news” to the left-wing media. That’s how the media pretends black people commit almost no crimes at all when, in truth, they are the ones carrying out the vast majority of violent crimes across America, according to U.S. Justice Department statistics.

“Black crime and incarceration rates spiked in the 1970s and ’80s in cities such as Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Washington under black mayors and black police chiefs. Some of the most violent cities in the United States today are run by blacks,” writes Jason Riley, a member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board:

Black people are not shooting each other at these alarming rates in Chicago and other urban areas because of our gun laws or our drug laws or a criminal justice system that has it in for them. The problem is primarily cultural — self-destructive behaviors and attitudes all too common among the black underclass. The problem is black criminal behavior, which is one manifestation of a black pathology that ultimately stems from the breakdown of the black family.

It’s also worth noting that the very same violent black thugs who kidnapped this innocent white teen are exactly the same people who, once they reach voting age, vote for Democrats like Obama and Clinton. Statistically speaking, African-American convicted felons vote overwhelmingly for Democrats in elections, and that’s exactly why Democrats keep pushing to grant voting rights to felons (and illegal aliens, too, but that’s another story).

The violent tendencies of black inner city thugs isn’t even the real story in all this, by the way. The real story is that the left-wing media incited this violence with its rising “hate” rhetoric against Trump supporters and white people in general.

Washington Post, NYT, CNN and MSNBC are complicit in this violent kidnapping, torture and beating of an innocent white teen

That’s right: The Washington Post, NYT, CNN, MSNBC and other propagandists of the fakestream media incited this violence against an innocent special needs boy. They are the ones who spread the hatred, ginned up the radicalism and fanned the flames of violence against Trump supporters.

For the last two years, the hate-filled left-wing media has spewed racial hatred and anti-Trump propaganda that encourages and “normalizes” violent acts against white people and Trump supporters. This campaign has been deliberately planned, scripted and carried out by the same prominent members of the fraudulent “fakestream media” that also pushed the false “Russian hacking” story, the false “power grid penetration” story and the false “PropOrNot Russian influence” story.

We have now reached the point in America where the left-wing media is deliberately engaged in journo-terrorism. That’s a term I coined a few weeks back in this story entitled “JOURNO-TERRORISM: The goal of the left-wing media has always been to terrorize voters and hypnotically control them using orchestrated fear programming.”

That agenda of psychological terrorism and cultural subversion has come to fruition in this felony kidnapping incident in Chicago. This is the kind of violence and hatred the left-wing media wants people to display toward Trump supporters.

If this were a WHITE gang kidnapping and torturing a BLACK victim, it would be the top breaking news story everywhere for days on end

Not surprisingly, the delusional left has gone to great lengths to try to claim this isn’t a “hate crime” and it wasn’t even “evil.” To leftists, the violent black thugs who kidnapped and scalped this innocent boy were just “knuckleheads” who “made mistakes.” (By the same twisted logic, they would probably describe black rapists as “uninvited lovers.”)

“If four white men kidnapped, tied up and tortured a black mentally disabled man, all captured on a live Facebook video, heard making statements like “F*ck Obama” and “F*uck blacks,” would any reader hesitate to call them out for being racists?” asks All News Pipeline, an independent media website. ANP also reports:

The mainstream media, progressive liberals, Democrats, Barack Obama, College professors, millennials, Black Lives Matter Activists and Social Justice Warriors are constantly bemoaning racism against blacks by whites, but when 4 black thugs in Chicago kidnap a special needs white male, tie him up and brutally torture him live on Facebook, making statements like “F*ck Whites” and “F*ck Trump, ”  the MSM is whitewashing the “hate crime” and “racism” aspect, liberal bloggers aren’t even bothering to address it, Barack Obama hasn’t come out and claimed these four black thugs “could have been me”…

“If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged and there would be no question it is a hate crime,” said Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends, as reported by Breitbart.com. “So, let’s be clear about this. We are right at the edge of a terrible period, which I know President-elect Donald Trump wants to avoid, of having the deep bitter division in the communities that makes America hard to govern.”

Gingrich is correct: If this had been a white-on-black crime, practically the entire country would have erupted into outrage, complete with massive riots in at least a dozen U.S. cities, combined with calls to “stop white hatred” and demands that law enforcement “seek justice” for the victim. But when the victim is white, the left-wing media mostly censors the story and pretends it never happened.

White people are never supposed to be outraged when violent black gang bangers and thugs kidnap, torture and violently beat them for the simple reason that, according to the insane, mentally ill left-wing media, white people deserve to be beaten. Being “white” is, as far as they’re concerned, practically an admission that you’re an evil racist bigot. And if you’re a Trump supporter, you deserve a good beat down, right?

That’s the insanity of the left-wing media. Hate crimes don’t count if they are committed by black people. And whites are evil even when they’re the victims.

These thugs didn’t come up with the kidnapping idea in a vacuum

Does anyone really think these black thugs came up with the kidnapping and torture idea in a vacuum? No, the ideas and false narratives that led to this sickening act of hatred and violence have been propagated by the mainstream media for the past several years.

The thugs in Chicago are merely acting out the hatred that has been instilled in their minds by CNN and other left-wing media terror-journalists who work at places like the Washington Post (the new Pravda of left-wing false narrative propagandists).

This is all a deliberate plan by the left. They actively seek to cause violence, mayhem, race wars and violence against whites by ginning up extreme hatred through false flag hate crime hoaxes, false news narratives and malicious censorship of the truth about the violence and hatred on the left. This has all been Obama’s plan from the start, by the way: Divide America. Whip up racial hatred. Then claim all the thugs are “victims” while condemning law enforcement for trying to keep the peace.

The twisted, mentally ill overlay in all this is that, while pushing racial hatred and violence, the left proclaims itself to have a monopoly on compassion and tolerance. It’s laughable! The real “tolerance” of the left is best demonstrated in this sickening kidnapping and torture video of an innocent special needs white teen. This is the real “tolerance” of the left on full display: If you don’t agree with their mentally ill social justice agendas, they will beat you, torture you, verbally assault you and even scalp you in front of the whole world in a live video broadcast. Somehow, all the self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” who carry out such acts don’t see anything wrong with violent assaults on white people. Quite literally, they have no concept that violently assaulting an innocent citizen is wrong!

Welcome to Obama’s America, eight years into the nightmare that “sleeper cell” Obama has deliberately unleashed onto the nation in a bid to destroy this country.

CNN declares kidnapping, torture and race-based hate crime “isn’t evil or racist”

The mentally ill disconnect from reality in all this is best demonstrated by CNN’s journo-terrorist Don Lemon. After watching the kidnapping, torture and race-motivated felony violence against a white teen, Lemon declared the act was “not evil or racist.”

To CNN and their entire crew of mentally ill journo-terrorists, black people cannot, by definition, commit hate crimes, since “hate” is only something that originates with white people. That’s how sick, demented and truly sociopathic CNN and the entire left-wing media has become. These people are beyond delusional. They are a danger to society and desperately need to be carted away for psychiatric evaluation.

Watch CNN’s Don Lemon demonstrate his extreme mental illness here:

Dear President Trump: It’s time to ARREST the journo-terrorists and stop the inciting of racial violence across America

Join me in the call for President Trump to arrest, prosecute and imprison the journo-terrorists who are deliberately working to incite violence as part of their malicious plot to destroy America, subvert American culture and obliterate Christians and white people across the board.

This is way beyond a “free speech” issue, by the way. They are engaged in WAR. The First Amendment does not protect someone’s right to deliberately engage in premeditated psychological terrorism on a massive scale with the intended purpose of inciting violence and overthrowing a nation. That’s so far beyond yelling “fire!” in a crowded room that they aren’t even comparable.

When the Washington Post fabricates fake news about Russians “hacking” the election, that’s journo-terrorism. When CNN incites hatred toward Trump supporters be repeatedly lying and slandering Trump with an endless stream of hatred-invoking smears, that’s journo-terrorism. When the NYT repeatedly and falsely claims Trump supporters are KKK supporters, racists, sexists and xenophobes, that’s journo-terrorism.

The journo-terrorists are deliberately trying to rip America apart. To protect our citizens, our society and our sanity, they must be stopped.

Remember, too, that the left has always blamed conservative talk radio for every hate crime or shooting carried out by any white person. Rush Limbaugh is usually targeted, and he was blamed for the Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City attack in 1994 (among other events). The political left has always said that “right wing” radio hosts or websites “incited” such violence. Will those same people now apply their own logic and proclaim the left-wing media has incited this latest black-on-white hate crime in Chicago? (Of course they won’t.)

Join me in calling for the new President Trump to arrest the journo-terrorists and charge them with subversion, inciting violence and conspiring to overthrow the government. We can no longer stand by and watch these evil, malicious WashPost, CNN and NYT criminals tear our country apart while innocent white people are “lynched” on live Facebook streams. We either start defending this nation or we lose it, period. It’s time we stood up for America and arrested those who are deliberately trying to destroy it.

/rigged/2017-01-05-journo-terrorism-washington-post-nyt-cnn-msnbc-incited-kidnapping-torture-scalping-of-white-special-needs-boy-racial-hate-crime.html/feed 0
How George Soros destroyed the Democratic Party /rigged/2017-01-05-how-george-soros-destroyed-the-democratic-party.html /rigged/2017-01-05-how-george-soros-destroyed-the-democratic-party.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 It was the end of the big year with three zeroes. The first X-Men movie had broken box office records. You couldn’t set foot in a supermarket without listening to Brittney Spears caterwauling, “Oops, I Did It Again.” And Republicans and Democrats had total control of both chambers of legislatures in the same amount of states. That was the way it was back in the distant days of the year 2000.

(Article by Tyler Durden, republished from zerohedge.com)

In 2016, Republicans control both legislative chambers in 32 states. That’s up from 16 in 2000.

What happened to the big donkey? Among other things, the Democrats decided to sell their base and their soul to a very bad billionaire and they got a very bad deal for both.

It was 2004. The poncho was the hottest fashion trend, there were 5 million new cases of AIDS and a former Nazi collaborator had bought the Democrat Party using the spare change in his sofa cushions.

George Soros

And gone to war against the will of the people. This was what he modestly called his own “Soros Doctrine”.

“It is the central focus of my life,” George Soros declared. It was “a matter of life and death.” He vowed that he would become poor if it meant defeating the President of the United States.

Instead of going to the poorhouse, he threw in at least $15 million, all the spare change in the billionaire’s sofa cushions, dedicated to beating President Bush.

In his best lisping James Bond villain accent, Soros strode into the National Press Club and declared that he had “an important message to deliver to the American Public before the election” that was contained in a pamphlet and a book that he waved in front of the camera. Despite his “I expect you to die, Mr. Bond” voice, the international villain’s delivery was underwhelming. He couldn’t have sold brownies to potheads at four in the morning. He couldn’t even sell Bush-bashing to a roomful of left-wing reporters.

But he could certainly fund those who would. And that’s exactly what he did.

Money poured into the fringe organizations of the left like MoveOn, which had moved on from a petition site to a PAC. In 2004, Soros was its biggest donor. He didn’t manage to bring down Bush, but he helped buy the Democratic Party as a toy for his yowling dorm room of left-wing activists to play with.

Soros hasn’t had a great track record at buying presidential elections. The official $25 million he poured into this one bought him his worst defeat since 2004. But his money did transform the Democrat Party.

And killed it.

Next year the Democracy Alliance was born. A muddy river of cash from Soros and his pals flowed into the organizations of the left. Soros had helped turn Howard Dean, a Vermont politician once as obscure as this cycle’s radical Vermont Socialist, into a contender and a national figure. Dean didn’t get the nomination, but he did get to remake the DNC. Podesta’s Center for American Progress swung the Democrats even further to the left. And it would be Podesta who helped bring Hillary down.

The Democrats became a radical left-wing organization and unviable as a national political party. The Party of Jefferson had become the Party of Soros. And only one of those was up on Mount Rushmore.

Obama’s wins concealed the scale and scope of the disaster. Then the party woke up after Obama to realize that it had lost its old bases in the South and the Rust Belt. The left had hollowed it out and transformed it into a party of coastal urban elites, angry college crybullies and minority coalitions.

Republicans control twice as many state legislative chambers as the Democrats. They boast 25 trifectas , controlling both legislative chambers and the governor’s mansion. Trifectas had gone from being something that wasn’t seen much outside of a few hard red states like Texas to covering much of the South, the Midwest and the West.

The Democrats have a solid lock on the West Coast and a narrow corridor of the Northeast, and little else. The vast majority of the country’s legislatures are in Republican hands. The Democrat Governor’s Association has a membership in the teens. In former strongholds like Arkansas, Dems are going extinct. The party has gone from holding national legislative majorities to becoming a marginal movement.

And the Democrats don’t intend to change course. The way is being cleared for Keith Ellison, the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus with an ugly racist past, to head the DNC. Pelosi will oversee the disaster in the House. And Obama will remain the party’s highest profile national figure.

There could hardly be a clearer signal that the left intends to retain its donkey herding rights. Soros and his ilk have paid for the reins. That is why Pelosi, with her access to donors, will retain her position.

The left had recreated the Democrat Party and marginalized it. Much of this disaster had been funded with Soros money. Like many a theatrical villain, the old monster had been undone by his own hubris. Had Soros aided the Democrats without trying to control them, he would have gained a seat at the table in a national party. Instead he spent a fortune destroying the very thing he was trying to control.

George Soros saw America in terms of its centers of economic and political power. He didn’t care about the vast stretches of small towns and villages, of the more modest cities that he might fly over in his jet but never visit, and the people who lived in them. Like so many globalists who believe that borders shouldn’t exist because the luxury hotels and airports they pass through are interchangeable, the parts of America that mattered to him were in the glittering left-wing bubble inhabited by his fellow elitists.

Trump’s victory, like Brexit, came because the left had left the white working class behind. Its vision of the future as glamorous multicultural city states was overturned in a single night. The idea that Soros had committed so much power and wealth to was of a struggle between populist nationalists and responsible internationalists. But, in a great irony, Bush was hardly the nationalist that Soros believed. Instead Soros spent a great deal of time and wealth to unintentionally elect a populist nationalist.

Leftists used Soros money to focus on their own identity politics obsessions leaving the Dems with little ability to interact with white working class voters. The Ivy and urban leftists who made up the core of the left had come to exist in a narrow world with little room for anything and anyone else.

Soros turned over the Democrats to political fanatics least likely to be able to recognize their own errors. His protégés repeated the great self-destruction of the Soviet Union on a more limited scale

Soros fed a political polarization while assuming, wrongly, that the centers of power mattered, and their outskirts did not. He was proven wrong in both the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. He had made many gambles that paid off. But his biggest gamble took everything with it.

“I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche,” Soros complained of the Republican wave in 2010.

But he has been trying to do just that. And failing.

“There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we’ve regularly heard from candidates Trump and Cruz,” Soros threatened this time around. He predicted a Hillary landslide.

He was wrong.

As Soros plowed more money into the left, its escalating radicalism alienated more of the country. Each “avalanche” was a reaction to the abuses of his radicals.  It wasn’t Trump or Cruz who suffered the consequences. It wasn’t even his own leftists. Rather it was the conservative and eventually the moderate wings of the Democrat party who were swept away by his left-wing avalanches.

The left did not mourn the mass destruction of the moderates. Instead it celebrated the growing purity of the Democrats as a movement of the hard left. It did not notice or care that it was no longer a political force outside a limited number of cities. It anticipated that voters would have no choice but to choose it over the “extremist” Republicans.

It proved to be very, very wrong.

George Soros spent a fortune to turn a national party favorable to the left into an organization that has difficulty appealing to anyone not on the left. He wanted to control a country he did not understand. And, as the left so often does, he achieved his goals and in doing so destroyed them.

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Former Clinton Foundation CEO missing since October 2016 – #WheresEric internet chatter reaches a fevered pitch /rigged/2017-01-05-former-clinton-foundation-ceo-missing-since-october-2016-whereseric-internet-chatter-reaches-a-fevered-pitch.html /rigged/2017-01-05-former-clinton-foundation-ceo-missing-since-october-2016-whereseric-internet-chatter-reaches-a-fevered-pitch.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Former Clinton Foundation CEO, Eric Braverman, was hired in July 2013, supposedly backed by Chelsea Clinton to “impose McKinsey-like management rigor,” to the foundation. The foundation board approved a $395,000 salary, plus bonuses, then voted to extend his term through 2017. Weeks after that vote to extend his board term, Braverman abruptly quit in January 2015.

(Article by Sudan Duclos, republished from allnewspipeline.com)

According to a Politico article about Braverman from March 2015, “his exit stemmed partly from a power struggle inside the foundation between and among the coterie of Clinton loyalists who have surrounded the former president for decades and who helped start and run the foundation.”

Six days after that Politico story was published and about two months after Braverman resigned, Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, tweeted “A source close to the Clintons tell @ron_fournier to “follow the money” and find the real HRC scandal.”

According to leaked emails published by Wikileaks from the Podesta emails, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden emailed Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta “@JoeNBC: A source close to the Clintons tell @ron_fournier to “follow the money” and find the real HRC scandal. http://t.co/lPTQY0L0o4 – I’m hoping someone is keeping tabs on Doug Band. Quote in here is from someone who worked in Clinton Foundation.”

Podesta responded with one name “Eric Braverman.” To which Tanden replied “Holy Moses.”

That same month is when the news of Clinton’s private email server broke nationally, became major headline news.

Wikileaks published those emails during the height of the election season, in October 2016, around the same time that Eric Braverman disappeared from public view. His last public activity can be traced to an October 12, 2016 retweet. A look at his Twitter history shows he was wasn’t very active, as the one before that was on August 3rd and before that, one in June.

Is it a coincidence that Braverman cannot be contacted in any manner, from emails sent to him and to Yale University, where he is still listed for Spring 2017 classes in the School of Management and the law school, all not responded to?

Rachel Alexander from Stream, writes the following: “I left a voicemail on Braverman’s personal phone and sent him an email, but received no response. He is still listed as a lecturer at Yale University and, contrary to some reports, there is a record of his lectures going back several years. I contacted the press office and Braverman’s department at Yale and received no response.”

ANP has also attempted to reach out to Braverman as well as contacts connected to him, to no avail.

Videographer George Webb, who runs a popular YouTube channel has been tracking Braverman’s disappearance, providing daily feature video updates, and believes Braverman officially went missing 12 days after his last tweet, on October 24, 2016, which was just two days after Wikileaks published the Podesta email where it became public knowledge that Podesta suspected Braverman of being behind the “follow the money and find the real HRC scandal,” scoop given to Ron Fournier.”

Internet chatter and conspiracy theories have surrounded Braverman’s disappearance from the public, originating with a rumor that he had sought asylum from Russia, but due to his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation, in conjunction with the fact that five FBI bureaus across the country, in New York, Little Rock, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami , are all involved in a massive probe of the Clinton Foundation, it is more likely that Braverman is in protective custody as witness to the crimes he uncovered during his tenure at the Clinton Foundation, since no official missing persons report has been filed on him.

In November 2016, Brett Bauer from Fox News reporters that FBI sources believed the Clinton Foundation case was moving towards “likely an indictment.”

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

BRET BAIER: Breaking news tonight — two separate sources with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations into the Clinton emails and the Clinton Foundation tell Fox the following:

The investigation looking into possible pay-for-play interaction between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Foundation has been going on for more than a year. Led by the white collar crime division, public corruption branch of the criminal investigative division of the FBI.

The Clinton Foundation investigation is a, quote, “very high priority.” Agents have interviewed and reinterviewed multiple people about the Foundation case, and even before the WikiLeaks dumps, agents say they have collected a great deal of evidence. Pressed on that, one sources said, quote, “a lot of it,” and “there is an avalanche of new information coming every day.”

Some of it from WikiLeaks, some of it from new emails. The agents are actively and aggressively pursuing this case. They will be going back to interview the same people again, some for the third time.

As a result of the limited immunity deals to top aides, including Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, the Justice Department had tentatively agreed that the FBI would destroy those laptops after a narrow review. We are told definitively that has not happened. Those devices are currently in the FBI field office here in Washington, D.C. and are being exploited.

The source points out that any immunity deal is null and void if any subject lied at any point in the investigation.


Another interesting point that we would remiss to ignore is how it became public knowledge that immunity deals had been offered to Clinton aides, regarding the investigations, not one peep from the FBI, nor the mainstream media, has mentioned any such “deal” for Braverman, a man who held the CEO position for the Foundation for over a year, and would be far more knowledgeable about any crimes committed by the Clinton Foundation.

#WheresEric has now been created as a hashtag on Twitter and depending on whether we go from the October 12 retweet by Braverman or the videographer’s date of October 24th, he has now been missing anywhere from 70 to 82 days.


It all comes back to the “follow the money to find the real HRC scandal,” because the private server use, the internal corruption and collusion by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and the mainstream media, makes for good headlines, but when you follow the money, all roads lead back to the Clinton Foundation, under investigations by multiple FBI bureaus, and the man that has been missing for well over two months was in a position to know all of their dirty secrets.

Since the initial questions about Braverman’s disappearance from the public eye started months ago, all it would take is one public statement, one returned email, one video, for Braverman to dispel all theories, rumors and talk of his disappearance, yet not one word has come from him or anyone that knows him. No public statements saying he is alive and well. ….. nothing.

The silence is deafening, and troublesome.


Read more at: allnewspipeline.com

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